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Mastering Authenticity: How to be a Real and Engaging Podcast Host

Updated: May 7

The power of authenticity when building a brand that resonates. In the world of podcasting, authenticity is key. With 3.2 million podcasts as of 2024, it's crucial you keep authenticity front of mind. Authenticity not only helps you connect with your listeners on a deeper level but will be the driving force behind whether your podcast resonates with your listener or not.

Here are what we believe are the 3 most crucial tips to remember when honing in on your podcast hosting authenticity. Find Your Voice

This might seem AI-generated, but really; the most important part of a podcast is not the music in the intro, whether the host has a velvety voice, or even the content, it's the delivery! Whether you're funny, informative, or thought-provoking, embrace your style and let it guide your content. Your audience will appreciate the genuine connection.

Think about times you've listened to a podcast and the host takes a break to do an ad-read. You can tell it's an ad read, and almost instantaneously. Why? Because the host has moved away from their authentic style of delivery. It just doesn't feel 'real'. Be Passionate

An extension of the above, how you host your podcast is essential, and passion is contagious. Choose a topic that you're truly passionate about and let that enthusiasm drive your episodes. When you're genuinely excited about what you're talking about, it will resonate with your listeners and keep them engaged. Avoid Scripts

This one might be controversial, but it can be a real kick in the guts for a listener to hear someone reading from a script. Unless you have broadcast training, or a general knack for performance, we heavily recommend you avoid using scripts.

Think back to my example before about how quickly you can identify an ad-read during a podcast. Without broadcast or performance training, most people do not have the ability to make a script sound like authentic conversation.

Having a script with general ideas, questions or conversation starters is not a bad idea, in fact - we absolutely recommend having something like that on hand. Some great options are to have bullet points - as if you're giving a presentation. But when every word of the podcast has been read from a script - your audience will know. And unfortunately, will sound inauthentic. By finding the right voice for you, ensuring you're passionate about what you're talking about, and avoiding reading word by word scripts, you're on the right track to ensuring every episode of your podcast is received as authentically as it can be by your listeners.

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